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DBlogWeek Day 5: Diabetes Life Hacks

Note:I am not a trained professional, this is not medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice please contact your endocrinologist.

When we left the hospital way back in 2008 on Thanksgiving Day, I tried to figure out the best way to remember the date that insulin bottles were opened on our two hour drive home. Once we got home, I went digging in the junk drawer and found my garage sale price stickers. They were pink, yellow and green circles. They fit perfectly on the bottom of an insulin vial. So the day I would start using a new insulin vial, I would write the date on the sticker and stick it on the bottom of the vial.

We started noticing that 14 days into a vial of insulin that Little Miss’s blood sugars would decide to jump sky high. Is she sick, is something wrong with the pump, is the site bad? So many questions! No matter what we did, those stubborn blood sugars wouldn’t come down. Pump cartridge changes, site changes, increased insulin (with syringe and through pump) we did it all. After 3 days of fighting highs and doing everything I could think of, I grabbed a new vial of insulin. Within 2 hours of new insulin in a new cartridge and a new pump site and the blood sugars were coming down. Another 14 days into this vial (which I made sure we were kept in the fridge, just in case that was the issue) and we ran into the same issue. I called up the CDE and we got started on using insulin pen vials. We haven’t run into this issue since. This is one of the best insulin management things we have ever done.

Little Miss learned at diabetes camp that 1 serving of chips is 1 adult handful or 2 child sized handfuls. She still uses that for measuring chips when we go to family functions and potlucks. It has been one of the best things for her to be able to figure out.

We have black sharpie marker lines on cups in our house that mark the 4 oz and the 8 oz measurements. These lines work better than measuring cups for kids. She is able to get herself drinks and know how much she is actually having.

Juice boxes, how did I ever live without so many juice boxes?!? We stock up on 2 difference sizes one has 15 grams carbs and the other has 24 grams carbs. They are used mostly for overnight lows. It’s amazing how I can put a juice box straw up to her lips and she will suck that thing down super fast sucking the box in on its self.