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DBlogWeek Day 3: What Brings Me Down

Starting this blog off singing the song we wrote for our walk video this past February.

It brings me down, but I get up! Yeah!!! It’s never gonna make me stop!

Dealing with a chronic disease every day and every night takes its toll on a person.

It’s not just the  blood sugar numbers, yeah that’s a big part  of diabetes but it’s not the only part.

There’s a lot of math involved as well:Counting, adding, subtracting, dividing  of carbohydrates, fiber, activity, adjustment of blood sugar all just to figure out how much insulin is needed!

Then let’s remember to figure in emotions and other external  stresses! They affect  everything way more than you would possibly know! Pet beta dies,  blood sugar hitches a ride on a spaceship with a destination of too HIGH! And it doesn’t want to come down anytime soon.

I never know if my daughter’s attitudes and behaviors ate from high or low blood sugars, or just her acting out.

Add all of this into the sleep equation and life takes on a new meaning! It’s like having a newborn baby, that never grows up!

I’m thankful that when I’m feeling the big d burnout, I’ve got a lot of great friends who are always willing to listen. The pwd’s, d-mamas & papas in this club are some of the most amazing and down to earth people I’ve ever  had a chance to meet. They’ve all been there, they all know what it feels like and they might even offer suggestions.  There are so many resources out there of you’re looking for them. Books, vlogs, blogs, podcasts just look around and you’ll find something!

JDRF has been an amazing resource for us as well. They are willing to help you find someone to talk with if you need it. One of the first diabetes connections I made was through their mentor program.


DBlogWeek Day 1: Change the World

It’s DBlogWeek. And the topic for day 1 is Change the World. Does anyone else hear Eric Clapton’s song “Change the World” playing in their head?

We do our part to ‘change the world’ by helping to dispel myths about all things T1D.

We hope that eventually people will understand that T1D isn’t caused from eating candy or drinking pop. It isn’t caused from too little or too much exercise. There is NO CURE for T1D.

Having a pump doesn’t mean that your diabetes is automatically in control. Having a pump doesn’t mean that you never have a low or high blood sugar. Having a pump means less shots of insulin.

Checking your blood sugar, giving insulin injections, putting in an insulin pump site or a CGM sensor aren’t fun, and they can hurt. You never get use to them, no matter how long you do it.

T1D isn’t a one size fits all disease. Just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else.

We will continue to work on dispelling myths about T1D, in hopes that someday people will not believe the myths.

This past year we participated in the Spare a Rose, Save a Life campaign around Valentine’s Day. We spared roses and helped supply life saving insulin for a child. Over $27K was collected and 454 children’s lives were saved for a full year! How amazing is that?!?!

Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 30

Day 30: Future

Diabetes awareness month has come to an end today, but we will always help bring awareness so that others understand type 1 diabetes.

While we dream for and hope for a cure for type 1 diabetes in our future, we know that it is a long and windy road. Along the way we will stumble and fall many times, yet we will get back up and carry on. Every day we will do this. Until there is a cure.

The future for a person with diabetes is long and uncertain.

The future for a person with diabetes is long and uncertain.

Another dream for the future is the career my daughter wants to pursue. She wants to be a veterinarian or a veterinary tech. She loves animals and wants to work with them.

A future helping animals.

A future helping animals.

Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 25

Day 25: Wishlist

What does your wishlist for Christmas or your birthday look like?

For my daughter, it’s simple yet so complicated. Every year she wishes for the same thing as her #1 wish. A Cure for Diabetes. This year is no different, she doesn’t wish for much. And even though she knows that a cure isn’t something I can give her, she still wishes for it.


Cure, the #1 wish on my daughter's list every year.

Cure, the #1 wish on my daughter’s list every year.

It’s the one thing I wish I could give to her.

Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 24

Day 24: Cure

There is currently no cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Although there are a LOT of ‘miracle (READ this as WACKY) cures’ out there, none of them will cure Type 1 Diabetes.

Until there is a cure, we will walk and make every step count!

Until there is a cure, we will walk and make every step count!

Some believe insulin is a cure, it’s not but it does keep my daughter and many others alive.

Each year we walk at the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. This will be our 6th year walking, but our 5th year having a family team. We love the walk. It’s a great gathering of our family and friends. For my daughter it’s about being among others who know what it’s like, a feeling of belonging. It’s a huge celebration and one day we hope that we will still meet and celebrate having a cure! Until there is a cure we will raise money, walk, and educate others. We will make every step count!

Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 19

Day 19: Chronic

Diabetes is a chronic illness. Once it comes into your life, it doesn’t leave. You can’t tell it to go away and you can’t walk away. You can’t eat cinnamon, go on a raw food or starvation diet, pray or make a million wishes for it to disappear.

There is no cure, no way to make it go away. It’s here to stay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Diabetes doesn’t care if you are sleeping or on vacation. It’s always there.

Chronic illnesses affect us every day and every night.

Chronic illnesses affect us every day and every night.