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Today we lost a member of our family. This member joined us November 2008. He’s always been with us. Tagging along, everywhere. A little brother. An annoying little brother. One you wish would never had come along, that didn’t have to tag along. He was a vampire, a blood sucker. A glucose meter. He never had a name.

While we were hiking for 2.5 hours, he let go and wandered away. We looked after we realized he was missing. But alas, we couldn’t find him. We are thankful we had his younger sibling along to help once we realized he was missing.

 His twin, out in three open for all to see.

His twin, out in the open for all to see.

 His twin, in disguise.
His twin, in disguise.

Have you seen him laying around? We were grateful for the years he was with us. Through the highs and lows life threw our way.  He will be missed, greatly. Thanks for your time!

Farewell glucose meter!


High with a Chance of Ketones

Tonight my dear daughter’s pump site became disconnected. Now I don’t know how it happened or even when it happened. But it did happen.

Her blood sugar was high when I put her to bed, I gave her a correction thinking that maybe I didn’t calculate carbohydrates correctly for dinner.

Then two hours later, I recheck her blood sugar again to make sure it is coming down. Instead, her glucose meter greeted me with HIGH GLUCOSE OVER 600! So I roll her sleeping body over to find her pump site no longer attached to her little body.

I don’t know how long she was without any insulin, but I do know that when the words HIGH pop up on the glucose meter that there is always a chance of ketones. So I got her pump ready to go, got a new pump site on her body and the pump going again with a massive correction. Then I checked her ketones. Yep, they are present. It will be a long night.


Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 12

Day 12: Work

When you're 11 yrs old, school is your job!

When you’re 11 yrs old, school is your job!

When you are 11 yrs old, the only work you really have is school. My daughter checks her blood sugar before all tests at school. If her blood sugar is lower than 100 or higher than 250 she doesn’t take her tests. She will wait until her blood sugar is in this range to test. If she tests with a low or high blood sugar she cannot concentrate and she does badly on these tests.

After school, before starting on homework, she checks her blood sugar. If her blood sugar is low she has a snack before starting on her homework. If her blood sugar is high she will often take a break from school work until her blood sugar has come down enough for her to concentrate. One of her favorite ways to wait for her blood sugar to come down is by playing outside.

Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 11

Day 11: Play

She loves to play. Diabetes doesn't get in her way!

She loves to play. Diabetes doesn’t get in her way!

Having type 1 diabetes doesn’t stop my daughter from having fun. She loves to play and have fun like any kid! Sometimes diabetes gets in the way. Before going out to play she must check her blood sugar and depending on what kind of playing she plans to do, she needs a snack too. Lots of complaints can be heard when she wants to play but her blood sugar is too low. Waiting for low blood sugars to rise seem to “take forever”  according to her.

Going on a bike ride, to the park, a friends house or the swimming pool means taking a bag with a glucose meter, test strips, lancet, fast acting glucose along with her.