This month marks 8 years since diagnosis. It’s hard to remember life before diagnosis.

What isn’t hard to remember is her diagnosis story. That day and night are etched into my mind. The memories of the triage nurse trelling me that there was no reason for a urinalysis when I requested it, the doctor asking me if I knew what diabetes was and informing me that she had a lot of glucose spilling into her urine, ride in the ambulance for 1.5 hours, the paramedic who gave her a stuffed animal on the way to Children’s Hospital, the multiple times they tried to start an iv and failed, the lack of sleep I had that night because nurses were constantly in to check her, the education mandatory education classes for newly diagnosed patients and family, the pain & heartache of staying at the hospital with one very sick child and leaving the other two, and so much more.
Those are the memories I have from 8 years ago. I don’t remember much of life without needles, blood and carbs.

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