Classroom Treats and Birthdays

Celebrating birthdays don’t just happen at home or out with family and friends but also at school. This past weekend we celebrated turning 12. We went bowling with family and friends. We had delicious cupcakes. We dealt with low blood sugars. But we had an amazing time celebrating.

When the weekend was coming to an end we had to figure out what to take for the classroom treat. Classroom treats have to be store bought and if possible individually wrapped. Not to hard or a choice, right? Most of the kids take cupcakes or brownies. Something full of sugar.

My daughter was concerned about a few of her classmates. She has one classmate with celiac – so she can’t have wheat and gluten. She also has a classmate that has a nut allergy.This makes things more difficult. Other kids bring things that are full of gluten and the one girl never gets to have the treat that is brought.

I think that having diabetes has made my daughter more compassionate to others around her. My daughter has had her share of being left out of snacks and classroom treats because of there being no nutritional information and not having someone around to help figure out how many carbohydrates and therefore how much insulin she needed. She didn’t like seeing her classmates and friends go through the same things.

So after questioning a few different people we know who have food allergies to find a good snack that she could take to school for her birthday treat, we decided on individual bags of baby carrots and mini boxes of raisins.

Healthy and all natural  treat.

Healthy and all natural treat.

They are naturally gluten free, nut free and healthy! She was worried that kids wouldn’t like the snack and that they would make fun of her choice for a treat. After school I asked how the treat went over and she told me that everyone loved her choice.

Showing birthday treats for the classroom.

Showing birthday treats for the classroom.

Healthy and natural treats are always good, no matter what the age or occasion. I wish more parents would send healthy treats to school.

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