Monthly Archives: February 2014

Walk day 2014

We have a new YouTube video available! Come along with us to the Mall of America for a look back at the 2014 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or walked with us, whether in person or in spirit. It was a super exciting and fun day!

High with a Chance of Ketones

Tonight my dear daughter’s pump site became disconnected. Now I don’t know how it happened or even when it happened. But it did happen.

Her blood sugar was high when I put her to bed, I gave her a correction thinking that maybe I didn’t calculate carbohydrates correctly for dinner.

Then two hours later, I recheck her blood sugar again to make sure it is coming down. Instead, her glucose meterĀ greeted me with HIGH GLUCOSE OVER 600! So I roll her sleeping body over to find her pump site no longer attached to her little body.

I don’t know how long she was without any insulin, but I do know that when the words HIGH pop up on the glucose meter that there is always a chance of ketones. So I got her pump ready to go, got a new pump site on her body and the pump going again with a massive correction. Then I checked her ketones. Yep, they are present. It will be a long night.