Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 22

Day 22: Happy

My daughter is a very happy girl. She loves to joke around, dance, sing, and be silly.

This journey with diabetes can be tough and it can wear you down, and sometimes you have to put on a happy face, smile and push forward one step at a time.

Just a few of the many happy moments!

Just a few of the many happy moments!

Even though diabetes can bring you down, you don’t have to go through life being depressed. If this journey with diabetes has taught me anything it’s that no matter how hard and trying things might be, things will get better. 

One thought on “Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 22

  1. Jessica

    Hi Charity!
    It’s Jessica. I received your postcard for the WDD postcard exchange a few days ago and wanted to say a big thank you. I loved the card and will look at it whenever I feel down or in the dumps. I like your site and will be sure to come back and check it out when I can. I’m at t1dactiveliving.com

    Hope all is well and again, thank you very much for your wonderful postcard. I hope mine reached you as well 🙂



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