Diabetes Month Photo a Day – Day 17

Day 17: DOC

The Diabetes Online Community is well known as the DOC. This community is a place (or places) where those with diabetes or the parents of a child with diabetes – no matter what type – can find someone who ‘gets it’.

Some of these communities are JDRFtudiabetesChildren With Diabetes (CWD), and Glu are just some of the places that you can find support for ‘almost’ whatever you are looking for. Along with this there are blogs, so many of them, which are all amazing in their own way. You can also find communities of support on Facebook. In this community you never have to feel alone there will always be someone who’s been where you are and can help you through it and you will come out feeling empowered and able to take on the world.

A few of the amazing people we've met from the D.O.C.

A few of the amazing people we’ve met from the D.O.C.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few from this community, in person. A few years ago we met Dr. Natalie Strand, she is not only a person with diabetes but she was also on the winning team in the 17th season of The Amazing Race. We met Cynthia in Sept 2012, who blogs at Diabetes Light. Yesterday, we met Kerri who blogs at Six Until Me.

We’ve also met so many others locally through JDRF and just by pure luck. It’s so amazing to have these connections with other people who know what it’s like to have a pump site or CGM site that fail, that understand the 2 am blood sugar checks, the sleepless nights, the hopes and dreams that they have, exchanging new ideas and recipes, the frustration of dealing with the ins and outs of a disease that can not be controlled perfectly no matter how great you micromanage it! Who else would completely understand all the D terminology that we use on a daily basis?!?

The DOC simply is amazing in this journey with diabetes, one that I’m thankful to be part of in this journey. Without these amazing people, who are also on this journey, I would feel alone. I hope to attend the CWD conference in the near future to meet so many more of these online friends from the DOC.

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